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“Thank you for the role that you have played in keeping my girls and me dancing. You have always been so kind and conscientious and it means a lot to us that when we enter your store, we are greeted warmly and with familiarity. Your memory is astonishing, as is your ability to look someone up and down and know their size.”

– Amy Shay

“I have been a customer of the Dressing Room for eleven years, since I brought my then 2-year-old daughter to get her first leotards, tights, and shoes for dance class. Since that initial purchase, the personalized attention received at the Dressing Room has been what has kept us coming back time and time again. The goal of the Dressing Room is to provide the right item for the dancer, with extreme care especially given during the pointe shoe fittings. I highly recommend the Dressing Room to dancers of any age and completely trust the advice and opinion of Nancy and her staff to ensure care is given to the dancer’s needs.”

– Stacey Ginsberg

“I love the Dancer’s Dressing Room. It’s a little small, but the owner is extremely friendly. I felt comfortable and she helped me look for everything I needed for my new dance classes. Her outfits are just to die for! I love all of my new leotards. I will always go back and recommend it to all my friends!”

– Tiana La’nena Pebbles


Pointe Shoe Fitting

If your feet don’t hurt, you’ll enjoy dancing much more.

Imagine watching dancers on stage wearing shoes that don’t fit correctly. There would be no beauty, grace, or athleticism in their dancing.

This is why I do what I do. Preventing pain, blisters, and even permanent/lifelong damage to a dancer’s feet is my goal.

Rebecca brought her friend Amanda to the store for a pointe shoe fitting because she was unable to dance through the pain of the blisters covering her toes.

I wasn’t sure that it would be possible to fit this dancer because her feet were so swollen and inflamed. After putting on the shoes that I selected for her, she smiled and said to her friend, “Now I know why you’re happy when you dance.” Amanda came back two months later for another pair of shoes, but this time she wore a size smaller because here feet were no longer swollen and inflamed.

You can be confident that your dancer will receive an honest assessment and pointe shoes that are safe, stable, and pain-free.

I understand how involved parents may become. A ten-year-old dancer and her parents came in for a fitting. The mother informed me immediately that the teacher wanted a specific shoe. Upon examination of this young dancer’s feet, it was apparent that she had been wearing the wrong shoes because all of her toes were blistered.

Instead of the shoe recommended by her teacher, we fitted her in a shoe that worked best and allowed her to stand correctly en pointe. She was comfortable, safe, and stable, which allowed her to confidently execute her dance steps. It’s important that you have trust and confidence in your dancer’s teacher – but, you also need to have trust and confidence that your pointe shoe fitter is doing what’s best for the dancer.